Welcome to a new generation of junior golf ….

DiscoverGolf’s Game Board – Play Board Starter Pack  ( $299 ) :

This is a new coaches/ parent’s starting place and entry into DiscoverGolf’s world-renowned “Game Board + Play Board”  skill development sets. DiscoverGolf pre-made games blend the feedback loops, intrigue, and engagement of traditional board games with fresh themes and concentrated coaching initiatives creating a truly unique golf practice experience.

DiscoverGolf games have been rigorously tested with thousands of junior golfers and are supported by club and ball radar data that confirms these games positive and direct benefits to critical factors that determine ball flight.

Our Game Board- Play Board Starter Pack will provide your student or child with 3 of our most popular ( Fast Track, Lunar Landing, and Covert Capture )  and effective games in addition to providing you with initial hardware solution you’ll need for additional DG games in the future.

Within the Starter Pack:

(1)“Fast Track” Game Board (23” x 34”)

(1)“ Fast Track” Play Board  (23” x 34” Polycarbonate Board)

-” Fast Track” Tires and complementing game pieces


(1) “Lunar Landing” Game Board

– {Space ships – additional “lives”} game piece inventory

(1) “Covert Capture” Game Board (23” x 34”)

6 Modes of Play  ( Core / Captain’s / Chain Of / Camo / Cross / Crisis Command )

– 200 + Magnetic Piece Inventory

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