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Simple , sinister , and SWEET

As a dentist to one seriously evasive and tooth decayed Crocodile you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and get to WORK !
Your dental destiny starts with knocking over 4 jumbo Croc teeth. Once the swamp beast's fangs have been "pulled" you will unlock a ramp that leads you to phase 2-4 of the game.
Exhibiting a delicate touch you will be tasked (with the assistance of the adjustable CROC TOOTH backboard to simply rest a ball on top of the Croc box) . Make sure you have a dental hygienist on site , things can get pretty messy here ! Going onto to phase 3 and 4 you will be asking the bewildered beast to say " ahhhhhh" while you cunningly insert 2 balls into the narrow mouth gap. Game #5 is an adventurous ramp shot that blasts off and over the box and into a golf hole , soda can, or any target in the distance that you so choose.

Games #6 and #7 crank up the intensity one more notch as you closely interact with a fellow Croc dentist.  In game #6 one player will setup all 6 figurines in creative and crafty positions. Player number two will then decide the color they wish to knock down. In this Croc "sandbox" anything goes as long as the ball interacts with the ramp !  In game #7 you switch gears and play ALONGSIDE your past opponent. By simply attaching the secondary croc ramp to the box you will quickly find yourself in a challenge to partner RALLY for as many passes as possible. Keep the ball straight anf true, and in perpetual motion!

Croctology is the perfect putting game for players of all ages. Set it up on a golf green, office, living room, dorm room or any other space that invites you and your team of aspiring dental professionals to try their luck with the world's toughest Crocodile !

Your Croctology Set Includes:

1 "Croc Box"

2 Large Ramps

1 Ramp Extension

5 Backboard Croc Teeth

4 Knock Out Teeth (on backorder - please allow 2 weeks for shipment)

6 Figurines







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