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This is DiscoverGolf’s ultimate COLLABERATIVE contest. Originally designed for full swing application, ” eski MOJO ” is a dynamical game system that offers a spellbinding level of engagment to its players.   Your group of players will need to  band together to get eskimo Joe from one end of the polar ice cap to the other by hitting precise shots from 20-110 yards ( or putts/ chips to coach sanctioned targets).  As is the case in many DG games , non golf specific elements such as probability calculation , MAGNET TOSSING , and a growing awareness of the game system are major contributors to a players success.

eski MOJO is a masterpiece. Its promise to the play community is a deeply thematical EXPERIENCE that allows juniors of all ages and abilities to contribute in a meaningful way. If I am looking to bring my training group together and make stronger community connections, eski MOJO is my first choice.

Patrizio Daveri

Italian PGA Professional , Monticello CC, Milan

  • PLAY 80% 80%
  • GRIND 40% 40%
#1 eski MOJO fan

#1 eski MOJO fan

8-11 Year Old BOYS

There are 2 reasons why this game is so popular with our 8-11 year old boys.

  1. eski MOJO is very ” gamey”.  Its epic scale is presented on a high fidelity game board and is stuffed to the brim with components ; 4 spinners + resources ( fire, boots , lives ) , – resources ( black ice , polar bears ).  For  young “gamer” kids this is an absolute favorite.
  2. Amidst its tumultuous backdrop, eski MOJO is actually a friendly game. It is constructed with many elements of chance and randomness and allows players with low physical dexterity to become arctic HEROES !


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