Fringe Fighter



Go toe- to – toe with Boombee and co. in a do or die knock down drag out affair. Coaches immediately set in place a forcefield of ATTENTION as they captivate their junior athletes with these eye grabbing targets.  Watch in amazement as your players hit spectacular shot after spectatular shot in an effort to bash out the 4 jug saw pieces that comprise each Fringe Fighter!

My summer camp programs bring 300 + junior golfers to our facility every year.  Each and every one of our kids is looking for the same thing ; fun and excitement !!  I have yet to come across anything in junior golf that satisfies juniors of all ages and skill the way that DiscoverGolf Fringe Fighters do on a daily basis. 

Chris Knobloch

PGA Junior Golf Leader, Peachtree City , GA

  • PLAY 90% 90%
  • GRIND 50% 50%
#1 Fringe Fighter Fan

#1 Fringe Fighter Fan

All Ages

We have yet to come across a human being that didn’t love the challenge and novelty of blowing up a DiscoverGolf Fringe Fighter. 

Versatile in every possible way, our Fringe Fighters have been spotted from backyards to golf courses with players using tennis balls , soccer balls, golf balls and everything in between. 


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