King Putt

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DiscoverGolf’s internationally acclaimed putting saga. Takes players of all ages and ability down the Nile River on a tour de force of speed control, chaos, agonizing close calls, and triumphant WINS!

Setup Time: 5 Minutes     Takedown: 5 Minutes

Stores easily! Pyramids have Velcro flaps then once removes allow them to be stored flat alongside the 16 triangles


-16 (3) Triangle Set (these 16 triangles build together to comprise the MEGA STRUCTURE)
-16 Giant Pyramids – 8 for each team
-50 River Hexagons
-1 Set of River Cards

King Putt originated from another planet; I am convinced of it. The ” piece, river, extension” rule is so simple that players of all ages immediately understand the game, and yet no one is ever quite sure exactly the best strategy. I have personally witnessed more drama, intrigue, triumph, and skill development within this game than anything I’ve ever seen on the putting green. 

Gavin Parker

PGA Junior Golf Leader, Maestro of FLOW

  • Play 80% 80%
  • Grind 80 % 80 %
#1 King Putt Fan

#1 King Putt Fan

All Ages

With a simple modification of starting distance, King Putt is both awe-inspiring and accessible. The novelty and theatre of the pyramids is a call to action for our youngest DGers while college bound and tour level players find very real challenge in the glassy conditions of the board from +20 ft.

If you are responsible for entertaining and / or educating human beings of any age, gender, or playing background, King Putt is quite simply a guaranteed improvement to your presentation.



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