Nut Clusters



Nut Clusters takes 2-8 players on a wild and nutty ride of full swing shots, tough and irreversible decisions , and an unpredicatable conclusion.

Coaches, friends, players, or anyone engineering the contest can assign 5 different clubs to their 5 respective nuts. This will have players well out of their comfort zone as they attempt to hit key distances with an odd choice of club !

Players will further be hampered by tight tolerance windows for their shots and a growing demand for a specific club going an exact yardage at a pivotal moment in the contest.

Nut Clusters begins with fast and loose play and ends with dramatic tension as players react to a dynamic board state with their best efforts to finish in a blaze of glory.


  • 1x Nut Clusters Game Board


(these items are not necessary but will speed up game of play)

  • 1x Magnetic White Board 
  • 2x Dry Erase Marker

Must Have

  • Radar-Based Carry Number

I just want to play this one. Nut Clusters is the GOAT!! 


DG Junior , Richmond, VA

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