Queen Bee



In Queen Bee, it’s you vs. ” Momma Queen” in your epic attempt to gain Queen status and survive all 6 rounds! Queen B is one part open ” sandbox” that allows coach, mom, or friend to decide the putts, chips, or hits you’ll need to earn:

  • worker bees
  • movement 
  • royal jelly

After a self determined amount of attempts players gather around the board to hurl their bounty on to a Queen ravaged honeycomb.  Equal parts chaos and triumph await those that manage to pair physical skills and mental wit to evade and conquer the resident Queens 


  • 1x Queen Bee Waterproof Game Board
  • 6x Queen Bee figurines
  • 1x Spinner
  • 20x Magnets

Must Have

  • 1x Magnetic White Board
  • 2x Dry Erase Markers
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