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Slingers is “putting chess”.  An open sandbox for 2 cowboys to duel in an epic contest of speed control and strategic manuevering.

Each players is faced with the same goal : rob the opponents bank . From 20-40 ft away ( coach preference ) that is a tall order , so players will need to move cowboys into closer positioning to get a better “shot on goal”. With a limited supply of bullets, and the fact that you can be gunned down at any time Slinger players are always fully immersed into this wild western tight rope act.

Our kids LOOOVE “Slingers”.  The Slingers setup lights up our putting green and is always a fan favorite. If getting your kids to engage mentally into their training is of importance to you, this game is a MUST. 

Christy Longfield

PGA Director of Instruction , Spanish Oaks Golf Club in Austin, TX

  • PLAY 75% 75%
  • GRIND 75% 75%
#1 Slingers Fan

#1 Slingers Fan

9-12 Year Old Boys

Slingers rules are incredibly straightforward and place the attention of the player on hostile interaction with the opposing cowboys and management of their scarcely supplied bullet ball count. 

From the dynamics of the game to the theme , to the overall presentation of the layout, this game is a dream come true for 9-12 year old boys of any skill level. 

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