Kids First

The DiscoverGolf coaching system is measured application of universally accepted research that implores young athletes ( and their coaches ) to base early sporting experiences around free play, slowly moving to more structured forms of deliberate practice.

Our emphasis on video game style play, mediated by live, interactive leaderboards is a direct response to a waning interest of young players to participate in traditional golf formats.

Game Based

Discovergolf Mission

A daily goal, set by the DiscoverGolf coach, to challenge an entire class or teams of junior golfers.

Discovergolf Mission Metrics

Putt Bombs

Chip Ins

Direct Hits

Red Zones



Core Games

8 Putting, 6 Short Game, 6 Full Swing games, ready for plug and play installation within the PlayGrind kit.

Skill Development

Affective Coaching

“State before trait” describes our outlook on coaching 8-14 years old golfers. Research heavily supports the notion that attention on task (defacto learning) will only take place when the activity at hand is stimulating and emotionally resonant.

External Focus

As coaches can steer our player’s attention internally (directed to the action itself) or externally (direction to effect of action). Our education events and Discover-’s 400+ video library, is heavily geared toward showcasing minimally invasive external focus appropriate for junior athletes.

Constraint-Based Approach

DiscoverGolf is inspired by concepts formalized in Constraints Based coaching principles. Simply put we believe in creating training environments that induce functional, adaptive, implicitly – orientated skill.

Modeled From The Games Greats

The common thread that ties golf’s greats are the concepts within our the 4C Matrix (Community, Collaboration, Competition, Conflict), a guiding program design workflow that emphasizes and creates what we believe to modeled from the be the wellspring of genius level talent; environments.

Coaching Systems


Attracting, engaging, and retaining 8-14 y/o junior golfer is a design challenge. DiscoverGolf Education events provide coaches with an actionable solution in the form of a design workflow that arrives at the intersection of behavioral psychology, motor learning, and game design.


DiscoverGolf software is a 3 headed beast. Our web dashboard is an intuitive interface that allows coaches to create classes, student/parent logins, and analyze student/ program analytics. Our DiscoverGolf app, (available on iOS and Android ), delivers an immersive play experience for the student, transparency and value to parent, and voice integrated administration for the coach.


The PlayGrind coaching kit is a revolutionary step forward in engagement based coaching. Refined fromover10,000 student playtests comes a game supply inventory that is stimulating, novel, effective and completely integrated with DiscoverGolf Missions ( daily initiatives ).


The bedrock of DIscoverGolf programming can be found within our unique station based format. Our easy to install “Core 20” games simultaneously create high fidelity learning environments while feeding into the Daily Mission narrative and allow coaches of all experience levels the opportunity to become master game engineers.

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